We offer architecture, planning and consulting services for building or migrating applications to Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.  We are an Amazon Registered Partner.  We have engineers that focus on different Amazon services.

Our approach:

  • Provide a feasibility study on the application to validate that it’s a good fit for Amazon Web Services
  • Perform a quick Proof of Concept with the exiting application or a similar application to ensure that it will meet your business and performance needs.
  • Load test the application on Amazon Web Services
  • (If the above is successful) Complete the migration of the entire application
  • Perform functional and load testing of the complete application
  • Application goes into production

Average Cost:

The average cost to implement can range depending on the type of help you need.  We recommend all new customers to purchase a 5 hour block of time.  This will give us enough time to start working on your issues and you can purchase more time as needed.

Average Time to Implement:

In many cases we have enough engineers that can start working on your project immediately.

More Information

Please chat with us or call us at 313-789-1311