Docker is a great technology that allows you to encapsulate an application so that only the required binaries and configuration files are needed to execute the application.  This means that you can better utilize your computing resources.  Here are some of the buy products of Docker:

  • Many applications and software components are being released as Docker containers – this means that developers can quickly try out new versions of software without having to spend the time configuring the software.
  • Developers can package their applications using Docker and provide it to operations for deployment without having to spend hours writing detailed deployment instructions
  • Your application can become more resilient and reusable by using Docker to migrate your application into a Microservices architecture.  This really means that your application can be broken down into reusable pieces like legos and can be assembled into different applications.

We offer Docker support and consulting services by the hour.  Once you purchase time, you will have the ability to open a ticket.