We focus on helping organizations jumpstart their use of Kubernetes.  There are a number of resources on the web that can help you setup and configure Kubernetes.  Our value proposition is that you can purchase time by the hour.  This means that you can do all the basic configuration by following the documentation at http://kubernetes.io/ and you can engage us when you run into a problem or if you have a deadline and you need a little help getting things going.  Here’s are core benefits:

  • Prove out Kubernetes in your environment
  • Help integrate Kubernetes into your DevOp’s environment
  • Track down bugs, find workarounds and help submit an enhancement request
  • We can help architect Kubernetes into your environment

Please initiate a chat with us or call us at +1 888-907-2085.  If you need immediate help you can purchase support from here, open a ticket and an engineer will be assigned to you.