We understand that in many cases you need OpenLDAP to provide authentication and authorization for an application or network appliance that you are implementing. Perhaps the requirement came up last minute and you need a directory installed and configured quickly. If so, we provide a fixed priced option to installing and configuring a basic OpenLDAP directory. It would include the following:

  • Installing OpenLDAP on CentOS, RedHat or Debian
  • Configuring a basic directory tree with a People subtree
  • Tuning the environment to handle moderate requests (40 requests per minute)
  • Setting up the Apache Directory Studio client to access the directory
  • A training session to explain how to use it and extend it as needed.

We can typically get this done within 1 business day.

You can purchase this support offering from here or if you need more information please click the live chat button. You can always call us at 888.907.2085

We also provide OpenLDAP consulting, which consists of helping you define a DIT (Directory Information Tree) that works for your organization and building it so that it’s scalable and performant!