We provide support, consulting and customization services for SuiteCRM.  SuiteCRM is designed to be a free and open source alternative to SugarCRM Professional Edition. Because it is based on SugarCRM, all the community provided extensions that work with Community Edition will also work with SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM is also an excellent alternative to SalesForce Professional and Microsoft Dynamics

We deliver services remotely in most cases, but onsite support is available if needed. Here are the typical projects that we are engaged in:

  • Installation and Configuration
  • LDAP Integratoin
  • Applying security policies on the server to ensure that data is kept secure
  • Customizations
  • MySQL Tuning
  • Performance Tuning
  • Emergency Service – system down

Our engagement model is quick and simple. You only purchase time based on what you need. You purchase additional time if needed.  We recommend a 5 hour block of time for most issues.  The block of time can be used on multiples issues over a timespan of 1 year from the date of purchase.  You can purchase time from http://dopensource.com/shop