Configuring FreePBX and Aastra Phones

This quick article explains how to configure Aastra phones to register with FreePBX 13.x as an extension.

In order to manually provision phones you need the following basic information:

  • Server IP
  • Server Port (the default is 5060)
  • Extension
  • Secret (the password for the phone)

In our example, lets assume the following internal network info for the FreePBX server:

  • Server IP: |
  • Server Port: 5060

You now need the Extension and Secret. This can be found by logging into the FreePBX GUI and going to extensions section of the interface. You will see a list of extensions. Below we only show one extension, which is 10000

extension list

You can click on that extension and locate the Secret, which is outlined in red.

extension list

Now that you have this information you can login to the Aastra phone and click on “Global SIP”. You will enter the Extension and Secret into the fields that are outlined at the top and the Server IP and Server Port will replace the data outlined at the bottom.

aastra phone global sip settings

Note – you will need to reboot your phone after configuring the phone.