Enabling G.729 Codec in FreeSWITCH

This tutorial has been created to go over whats needed to configure the non-licensed version of the g729 codec.  This codec would normally cost a license fee, but recently the patent expired, which allows the codec to be used without paying a license fee.

Adding the needed repository:

The repository below is for Centos 7 64 bits:

rpm -ivh http://repo.okay.com.mx/centos/7/x86_64/release/okay-release-1-1.noarch.rpm

Installing g729 codec:

yum install freeswitch-codec-bcg729

Please edit the following config files:

In /etc/freeswitch/autoload_config/modules.conf.xml please replace mod_g729 with mod_bcg729
vim /etc/freeswitch/autoload_config/modules.conf.xml

The file should like the following when complete – Notice the third load module statement.  It now contains the license free mod_bcg729 module versus the mod_g729 module.

In /etc/freeswitch/vars.xml please replace mod_g729 with mod_bcg729.

vim /etc/freeswitch/vars.xml

Within the same config file edit the following line following line to ensure g729 is a preferred codec along with any other codec you have installed.

If the install has been done correctly you should be able to use g729 codec without an issue.