We provide FusionPBX support that span from basic configuration to setting up FusionPBX in a high availability configuration. We have provided support for 8 years on FreeSwitch based systems, which is the underlying media server for FusionPBX. We focus on Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP), which are companies that provide small and medium sized businesses with hosted or managed telephony solutions. But, we work

Delivering Support 

All of the support is done remotely.  We can connect via ssh or we can connect to you via Teamviewer and then connect to the server from your desktop/laptop.

Major issues that we help customers with on a daily basis

  • Phone System Down
    • This is considered a high priority ticket and we would give this ticket a high priority
  • Adding, Changing and Deleting Users or Extensions
  • Provisioning Phones (includes writing Provisioning Templates)
  • Setting up Phone Directories on the handsets
  • Call Routing Changes
  • Integrating Other Applications with the Phone System
  • Auto Attendant / IVR Configuration  and Maintenance
  • Building Custom Telephony Applications
  • Building Custom FusionPBX Modules

Competitive advantage

Our main competitive advantage is that we are responsive to your support needs. Most support requests can be handled the same day!

Purchasing Support

You can obtain support by purchasing a block of time.  Most new customers purchase a 5 hour block of time.  You will have the ability to open a support ticket on our portal once you purchase time.  You can purchase time from here  If you want us to provide on-going services then we recommend our subscription services, which can be found here

We are located in Detroit, Michigan and we are proud to be an American Company – We don’t outsource our support!