dOpenSource was founded in 2011 with a focus on delivering Enterprise Grade Support for Open Source Software. We immediately came to the conclusion that we couldn’t provide support for the entire Open Source galaxy.

Therefore, we focused on Open Source projects that were mission critical to companies, which happened to be VoIP projects. What makes VoIP complicated to people is that you just don’t have to worry about setting up the VoIP server, but you have to worry about configuring a phone. It would be great if all phones were created equal and they all worked exactly alike, but that’s not the case.

We started out providing support on Asterisk and FreePBX systems. We then moved into providing support and consulting for carriers (people who provide SIP service) on FreeSwitch and Kamailio.

Now that the VoIP market for Asterisk and FreePBX is maturing we have started offering support in the next major shift in computing, which is containers and microservices. We are now offering support for Docker and consulting services around microservices.