We have been building Kamailio based solutions that use RTPEngine for years. We have built large scale solutions using RTPEngine for different use cases. It definitely requires a learning curve. We can expedite the learning curve. We focus on the following areas:
  • Installation of RTPEngine
  • Clustering RTPEngine
  • Integrating RTPEngine into Kamailio, OpenSIP’s and other SIP Engines
On the surface RTPEngine looks simple, but can be really complex. We have built solutions that leverage RTPEngine for the following use cases:
  • RTP to Secure RTP (SRTP) and vise-versa
  • Transcoding between different-codecs
  • Capturing audio and storing it for natural language processing and sentiment analysis
  • Capturing RTP traffic metrics
There are a few ways we can help:
  • You can purchase our RTPEngine online training course for $399, which will be released on November 28. We currently have an introductory price in effect here
  • You can purchase hourly support from here