Central Maine’s Premiere Mental Health Agency

18 months ago I found myself as a new administrator of an Asterisk phone system, 4 servers that were dead. With little to no experience in Asterisk, this was not going to be fun. I managed to self teach via Google and get our servers running (limping along) and back online. But I knew that I needed to get support that I was not confident about getting from our current support provider. So I stumbled upon Flyball on Google, contacted them and they were the only quick response I had and seemed willing to help. With Mac’s assistance we at least got things running again.

In the time that followed this I learned that our Asterisk deployment was old versions, under powered and could be much better. Flyball (Mac specifically) was instrumental in our improvements in every way. We have since deployed a new server with newer software, much more stable and secure…

I also spend a few days training at their office outside of Detroit and now feel comfortable with managing this system on my own. Knowing that Flyball , now dOpenSource, is just a phone call away gives us a level of confidence that was non-existent with our previous Asterisk support.

Congratulations to Flyball for taking the next step. We look forward to continuing our relationship with dOpenSource for all of our Asterisk Support!