Custom Software

dOpenSource has written Blue Wireless a Customized Prepaid Wireless A2 Billing application for our Government Assist Mobiles. They have written this application from a detailed list of our requirements, with very few needs for modification.
Once and a while we have an issue here or there but they are always quick and ready to correct the problem.

Very big help

dOpenSource was an invaluable help to us while trying to figure out why our FreePBX VOIP system wouldn't work.
We solved the problem and I learned a lot in the process.

Steve Mintun
Classic Packaging

Very Professional

The staff at Dopensource are very professional and knowledgeable. They are understanding of our companies needs and need for minimal downtime and are willing to work around our schedule. Will highly recommend for support.

Joseph Salvatore
Tower Products Inc


As always, whenever I call for support, i get a great service

Francisco Mora

Daily and emergency communication

dOpenSource team was able to jump in help me with my Asterisk issue - even though I had been using asterisk for years. With-in 30 minutes dOpenSource had me working. Fantastic.

PBX Down

Our problem was recognized very quickly dn we were able to get our system up in 45 minutes it was a great things



I received a good support thank you

German Almaguer
GSW de Guanajuato


Our pbx is connected to a PA system that we wanted users to be able to dial into. dOpensource engineered a software program that allows that. They were efficient, affordable and easy to work with. I would recommend them to anyone requiring asterisk development

Dan Molthen

Slam Dunk

We occasionally need to farm out the more complex Linux related tasks for our clients and dOpenSource not only took the ball and ran with it but they fit neatly into our ecosystem and engaged directly with the client, maintaining a high-level of communication both with them and us keeping us apprised of their progress, and the remaining budget, at every turn. We will absolutely recommend them and continue to use them as an extension of our team!

Joe Markert
FunctionOne, Inc

Customer Asterisk Development

We had a very specific need that dOpenSource was able to understand and implement. They were responsive and diligent to get every detail we needed up and running.

David Bodily

Great support

great relationship and support in a timely manner


Vici Dialer

The team at dOpenSource made our migration from a hosted Vici Dialer to our own, on-premise Vici Dialer Server smooth and without hiccups.

Their service rates are lower than local IT Guys and they always come through to keep us up and running without excuses or delays. Thanks again Guys !

Raymond Hammond | CEO
DM Marketing

FreePBX fix

We found that the (older) version of FreePBX we are using would not allow a delete of recorded greeting in the voicemail administration.

We submitted a low priority request for assistance. The determined the issue and applied a hotfix to correct the issue.

Simply the best!

Time and time again. Goflyball and Dopensource have saved the day. With some of the most inexpensive asterisk rates. They are always able to get us back up affordably and with as little down time as possible.
If you use their ticket system they'll have you running even faster right Thyrus?

Highly recommend these guys as we've been using them since 2009.

Scott Hedger / Scott Bisignano

Experienced Tech Support for Unix

I've been a small service provider (ISP) for the last 20 years and can count on one hand how many times I've needed technical support. It's rare, but it does happen every so often. I had a tough issue that took one of my servers offline and I was absolutely in a panic. Although it did take some time to get a resolution, I am appreciative for their diligence in trying to help. It was tough because remote access wasn't available so we did the best we could.

The engineers I talked to were very much american - good communication skills -- and knowledgeable. The only thing I wish is that we could have resolved things a *LITTLE* more quickly. They admitted that it was a bad day and there were other issues to attend to -- trust me, as a small business owner - i totally understand.

But at the end of the day, they did help me and give me enough knowledge and guidance to get the system running enough to do what I needed to do.

Thank you guys!

Dennis Crawford

Never Fails

dOpenSource has tackled multiple IT challenges with both our Asterisk IP-PBX and our Apache web server. They are highly responsive, creative, and knowledgeable with a 100% success rate in our past assignments. I consider them our secret IT weapon for hard problems.

Went the extra mile

Thank you to the dopensource team. Their persistence to resolve my issues was second to none. Professional and talented is the best way I can describe all that i worked with at this company. When i need help again in the future for my next project, I will certainly have dopensource on my team!!!!

Doug Parker
odt telecom

Great Service

You guys really came through when I was having trouble with my phone systems. Highly recommended and faster support than my local guy!

Great, Professional Support

I have had the pleasure of working with dOpenSource on various issues in which I needed Appache, PHPmyadmin, Linux and or mysql support. Each time I engaged their business for support it was always very professional. Their follow up and expertise has helped my compnay out every time. I highly recommend their services.

Kevin Adelson

Nobody beats the best !

Here at GMR we have been using dopen source for over 2 years now. In the call center industry down time can be very costly. Using these guys has cut my down time to "0" . Meaning we are making money nonstop! We highly recommend these guys!

Central Maine's Premiere Mental Health Agency

18 months ago I found myself as a new administrator of an Asterisk phone system, 4 servers that were dead. With little to no experience in Asterisk, this was not going to be fun. I managed to self teach via Google and get our servers running (limping along) and back online. But I knew that I needed to get support that I was not confident about getting from our current support provider. So I stumbled upon Flyball on Google, contacted them and they were the only quick response I had and seemed willing to help. With Mac's assistance we at least got things running again.

In the time that followed this I learned that our Asterisk deployment was old versions, under powered and could be much better. Flyball (Mac specifically) was instrumental in our improvements in every way. We have since deployed a new server with newer software, much more stable and secure...

I also spend a few days training at their office outside of Detroit and now feel comfortable with managing this system on my own. Knowing that Flyball , now dOpenSource, is just a phone call away gives us a level of confidence that was non-existent with our previous Asterisk support.

Congratulations to Flyball for taking the next step. We look forward to continuing our relationship with dOpenSource for all of our Asterisk Support!


Fresh PBX Installation

I had been working with dOpenSource for close to a year on miscellaneous pbx work and my company decided to build a new PBX server and transfer the old configs over to the new PBX. Flyball worked with me closely and even after hours to assist with the full transition. He even sent me logs of what we did and how it was done. Everything was detailed and in order. We worked with Flyball even with our clients and will continue to use this service as we go on using asterisk. Quick, reliable, and friendly service...

Horatio Watkins
ICS Technologies

Professional, clear and commited

dOpenSource helped us get our email server back from a DOS attack. The staff I worked with really knew what was going on and the workings of a Linux email server. They were very clear in explaining what they were doing and followed up after our time to make sure everything was OK. I will definitely be using dOpenSource again, hopefully in a less critical situation.

Quality Support

It's great to have a resource that can assist us with our phone system. Always professional and helpful.

Galen Baggs

We have had great experiences with support. dOpenSource is always willing to listen and answer questions. Most important is they solve the issues in just a matter of time. Highly recommended!

Keep up the great work.

Brandon Schwartz
Discover Calling

It was a pleasure working with Flyball, their staff were very knowledgeable & helpful in assisting me with my asterisk box installation/configuration

You are the genuine article that you sell... Not such a common thing these days