We have a large number of customers that are building Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) businesses.  We find that majority of these customers have bootstrapped their business using FreePBX and Elastix distributions.   Likewise, some of our corporate customers have migrated to FreePBX from a proprietary PBX, but now they are trying to scale their deployment because they have added additional offices or acquired another company.   In both cases, ITSP’s and corporate customers can use Kamailio as a proxy server/Session Border Controller that resides in front of their existing FreePBX and Elastix distributions to provide one or more of the following services:
  • load balancing
  • fault tolerance
  • implement a central voicemail server
  • protect against flood SIP attacks from sipvious
  • redirecting SIP traffic to local server
  • rewriting the SIP headers
  • handling SIP registration transparency
Please read our Kamailio Quick Install Guide if you are just getting started with Kamailio.

Emergency Support

We provide Emergency Support from 9am to 5pm Local Time.  Our staff have experience with carrier grade systems that requires high availability.  So, they understand the urgency in getting your systems back up and operational.

Estimates for Projects

If you need an estimate on implementing Kamailio please initiate a chat with us or call us at +1 888-907-2085